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The CCCIS Project

ZIPNet (Zonal Integrated Police Network) was introduced in the year 2004 under the guidance and supervision of Shri. Sudhir Yadav, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Crime, Delhi, INDIA. The main objective of the Project is to share Crime and Criminal Information in real-time. Project is approved by the MHA, INDIA. The information published on it, relates to Public Interest. Prior to ZIPNET, the information use to circulate through offline modes like Papers, TPM, Wireless Communication. It provides Search Engines to match information from Central repository in Online environment. Initially, it was brought forward with the collaborative efforts of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Police. Subsequently, in the year 2008, Punjab and Chandigarh Police also joined it. Uttrakhand Police has also joined it in the month of October, 2008. Himachal Pradesh Police joined the project on 25.1.2012. It contains following modules for public/police domain :

  1. FIR(Heinous Cases : Murder, Dacoity, Robbery & Snatching)
  2. Arrested Persons(Heinous Cases : Murder, Dacoity, Robbery & Snatching)
  3. Most Wanted Criminals
  4. Proclaimed Offenders
  5. Missing Children
  6. Children Found
  7. Missing Person (including action taken module for authenticated Users Only)
  8. Un-identified Dead Bodies
  9. Un-identified Person Found(Unconscious, Minor, Abandoned, Mentally Disturbed)
  10. Stolen Vehicles
  11. Unclaimed/Seized Vehicles
  12. Missing/Stolen Mobiles
  13. Police Alerts
  14. Daily Police Bulletin(Authenticated Users Only)
  15. Jail Releases(Authenticated Users Only)
  16. Bail Out(Authenticated Users Only)
  17. Press Releases(Authenticated Users Only)
  18. Messaging(Authenticated Users Only)
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